Create the green dream you’ve always wanted

Five simple and affordable ways to transform your garden into a summer haven.

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Whether you’ve just moved into a new property and are on the hunt for ideas for new build gardens , or you’ve been in your humble abode for years and are looking to spruce things up, one thing is true – getting your outdoor space in shape can be overwhelming.

When scrolling through social media or heading over to your friends for a BBQ, it seems like everyone has the green spaces we want, but figuring out how to achieve them can seem like an impossible task. With recent trends for ‘garden ideas on a budget’ up by 130% in the last 30 days, it’s clear homeowners are looking for ways to transform their gardens without breaking the bank.

For most, perfecting the inside of their home comes naturally, whilst the outside remains an untouched blank canvas. With that in mind national and award-winning housebuilder, St. Modwen Homes is here to provide five useful and most importantly affordable ways to achieve an impressive garden transformation.

Did someone say DIY?

Building a planter might sound like a daunting task but it’s a whole lot easier than you think. In as little as an hour, you can bring your vision to life and plant the flowers of your choice in your DIY masterpiece. All you need to do is grab your tools and a couple of wooden pallets to create a stunning, useful, and affordable addition to your garden.

You can get your hands on a wooden pallet for as little as £2.00 online or to save even more on costs, visit your local gardening, grocery or even furniture store to see if they have any spare pallets you may be able to have for free.

To lend a helping hand, there are plenty of useful online tutorials that will guide you through the process, to get started check out this TikTok tutorial here.

Added tip:
Prep the wood with a primer, varnish, or lacquer to help make it more weather resistant and ensure your new pallet planter lasts even longer!

A lick of paint goes a long way

Perhaps you’ve found your outdoor space to be a little lacklustre and are looking for easy and affordable ways to spruce things up? A tin of paint could be just what you’re looking for.

For instance, upgrading your patio with a brand new one isn’t cheap. However, you can head to B&Q or Dunelm and purchase a tin of masonry paint for just £30! And that’s all you need to make your patio look and feel brand new again. Plus, with nearly 3,000 monthly searches for ‘paint for patio slabs’ it seems many of us are looking for ways to refresh our patios.

And why stop there? A fresh coat of paint is a simple but effective way to freshen up the walls and fences in your garden too. And if you’re feeling adventurous with your paintbrush, how about creating a geometric design on your patio or wall to really make the space your own.

Added tip:
Apply some sealant once your paint has dried to help keep your patio transformation fresher for longer!

Create the green dream you’ve always wanted image

Decked out

It seems like DIY decking is all the rage right now, with over 5,000 monthly searches ‘decking kits’. So, if you’re after some new build garden design inspiration, this suggestion doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, especially when you’re doing it yourself.

Follow an easy online guide to create your own space for hosting BBQs, hanging out with friends or just solo sunbathing this summer. Adding decking is a simple but effective way to transform your garden into a summer haven – perfect for enjoying sunny days and warm nights.

Added tip:
It’s important to keep the location of your decking in mind when in the planning stages. Make sure you take into account lighting conditions and the surrounding space so that you get the most out of your new addition.

Planting perfection

Much like our interiors, we want to avoid creating clutter in our gardens. It may be tempting to plant a lot of different plants and flowers to keep things colourful and vibrant, especially if you have a lot of empty space to fill. But this can often lead to things feeling a little chaotic and overgrown, and not the carefully curated sanctuary we once hoped for – not to mention the added expense of purchasing it all.

The best way to cut out needless spending and reenergise your garden is by planning the right plants for your unique space. If you’re not much of a green-thumbed gardener don’t waste your cash on high maintenance plants that will overwhelm you, instead opt for plants like tulips, daffodils, and lilies which are far easier to maintain! With careful planning and planting you can transform a blank canvas into a vibrant oasis and create a green space that your guests are sure to envy!

Added tip:
Understand your climate! Having a better understanding means you won’t have bought beautiful plants only to have them wither away weeks later because they weren’t the right fit for your garden.

Create the green dream you’ve always wanted image

Affordable accessories

Adding a few accessories can really make a difference to your space, not only bringing it to life but making it more personal to you too.

Add mirrors on a wall or fence and voila! You’ve instantly created a chic and unique feature that is bound to get guests talking when they visit. It’s safe to say, reflective accessories are proving to be a popular garden addition, with over 1,000 monthly searches for ‘outdoor mirrors for garden’. Not only do they look great, but they also give new dimensions to your outdoor area and create the illusion of a larger garden.

Another simple but effective way to instantly improve your garden is by adding an outdoor rug and cushions. If your patio is looking cracked and dull (and refreshing it with paint isn’t for you), a large rug is a quick and easy way to enhance this area that won’t pull too hard on your purse strings. Adding a few matching cushions to the furniture will really bring it all together – not to mention provide the perfect sunning spot to enjoy all summer long.

A fire pit is also a welcome addition, perfect to curl up in front of or chat with friends around when the evenings get chilly! And they don’t have to cost you a fortune – available at several retailers for as little as £25 to help keep your garden warm all year-long.

Added tip:
To save even more money, why not try upcycling any old or unused products to add to your new alfresco sanctuary. Places like Facebook marketplace and eBay are the perfect spots to begin your search.

So, there you have it. With these five simple and affordable tips you’ll be able to bring your vision of a summer haven to life without breaking the bank!

To find out more about St. Modwen Homes and the range of properties available, please visit the website here.

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