5% Deposit Contribution

Saving thousands of pounds for a deposit can be difficult, we get it. So with our 5% Deposit Contribution incentive, you don’t have to put down as much of a deposit, meaning you could buy your first home sooner than you originally planned!

With the incentive, we’ll gift you 5% towards your deposit, and to make buying even easier for you, you’ll also be able to reserve your home for just £99*.

You could put the thousands that you save towards other costs such as legal fees, or even furniture for your new home.

How does it work?
Here’s an example: If you were looking to purchase a home priced at £200,000 and you would like to buy with a 10% deposit, you would need £20,000. With our 5% Deposit Contribution incentive, we would gift you £10,000 towards your deposit, meaning you would only need to save the other £10,000.

Who is eligible?
Our 5% Deposit Contribution incentive is only available to first-time buyers. However, please note that this incentive will be subject to mortgage lender conditions, and only available on certain homes at specific developments.

How do I apply?
There’s no need to apply for our Deposit Contribution incentive, in fact, the whole process is really simple. All you need to do is:

  • Determine your budget and choose how much you’d like to spend on your new home
  • Browse through our range of developments and homes to find the one you love
  • Once you’ve found the right one, speak with our sales consultant at your chosen development – they’ll let you know if the home you’ve chosen is eligible

*Terms and conditions apply. click here for details

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