Customer Charter

This Customer Charter describes our commitment to providing you with a first-class service in every respect, which includes the procedures and information relevant to you at each stage of your purchase.

  • Procedures and systems are in place to meet all the commitments we have made in this Charter.
  • Our team is trained to understand their responsibilities to you, the customer, and to know exactly what the Charter means to you and us.
  • You’ll be provided with information to enable you to make an informed decision about buying the property.
  • Our Sales Consultants will be on hand to answer your questions.
  • There may be choices and options available to you when you buy and we will make sure you are aware of them.
  • Health & Safety advice will be provided to minimise the risk of danger, when visiting the development during construction and when living in your new home.
  • We aim to provide accurate and truthful information in all our marketing and advertising material.
  • Our contract-of-sale terms and conditions are fair and clearly set out.
  • You will also have our cancellation policy made clear to you.
  • Your purchase is covered by THE NHBC Buildmark Warranty and we will provide you with reliable information concerning this and any other guarantees and warranties from which you may benefit.
  • Your exchange deposit is protected and we’ll explain how. We also recommend that you appoint a professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities of buying the property and to represent your interests.
  • Information about the timing, (our best estimate) of construction, legal completion and handover of the property will be provided. Once a completion date is confirmed we will offer you a demonstration of your new home.
  • Our after-sales and customer service procedures will be explained to you in detail.
  • There are procedures in place for dealing with customer complaints, including those concerning warranties, and we will cooperate fully with appropriately qualified professional advisers.

As your homebuilder we want to let you know:

  • Repeated or ‘spam’ posting onto our social media channels may result in your access on these platforms being suspended or removed. Unreasonable, persistent contact is also unacceptable.
  • Should you wish to film one of our employees you must have their explicit consent. This also applies to sharing Customer Communication Videos which have been sent to you. If a colleague is filmed or a video shared without individual consent we have the right to remove this from any social channels and take further action to protect our colleagues.
  • We will always treat our customers with respect and civility and ask that you show our colleagues and working partners the same courtesy. Abusive, threatening or otherwise incendiary language and behaviour towards our team is not acceptable. In the event this occurs we may be forced to take whatever measures we deem necessary to protect our colleagues, including ceasing communication.

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