Jade & Jordan – Kiln Gate

After what initially felt like an unsuccessful search for their dream home, and an emotional visit to a development that just didn’t feel right, Jade and Jordan Routledge felt that their only option to get on the property ladder was to settle for a home that they hadn’t fallen in love with.

But, after a little inspiration from some home accounts on Instagram, the couple – who have known each other since school – paid a visit to a couple of St. Modwen Homes developments and finally began their journey to their forever home.

Jade Routledge reveals all…

The right choice

“As soon as we looked around a St. Modwen Homes property, we knew we wouldn’t go anywhere else again. At first, we looked around the Victoria Park development, then Trentham Manor. The one aspect that stood out to us when hunting was how much bigger St. Modwen Homes houses were.

“One of the things we really loved is that St. Modwen Homes promised us from the start that nothing would be rushed, so we knew our home would be good quality. After selecting the plot for our 3-bedroom Houghton at the Kiln Gate development, we were able to see the process right through, including the different build stages. It was so nice to be so involved and see our dream home built from start to finish.”

Our dream home

When asked what their favourite feature of their new home was, Jade struggled to find just one answer saying:

“Oh gosh, it is so hard to choose! The laundry/utility room is our absolute favourite, and something that really sold the house to us. Being a family of four, with two little girls, you can imagine the amount of washing we go through. So, to have this as a separate space is just amazing.

“I also just absolutely love our smart Nest thermostat, and the fact we have patio doors as well as a back door – the whole house is just really nice, feeling super premium throughout.”

Making our house a home

“We received the Key Worker Offer from St. Modwen Homes – as I work as a healthcare supporter for people with complex needs. This boost helped us massively and meant we were able to transform our home before even moving in.

“The Key Worker Offer meant that we could invest in some options and upgrades in the early stages of the build, as well as contributing towards some ourselves. These options and upgrades included carpet, additional light fixtures including by the doorway, a Nest thermostat, an external light by the patio doors, a dishwasher, and a washing machine.

These little but important personalised elements allowed us to put our own touch on how we envisioned our home – and it was more efficient to complete this at the build stage with St. Modwen Homes, rather than hiring tradespeople after we moved in. To have our necessities already in place before we moved in was bliss – proving to be the most seamless process.”

The aftercare was amazing

“Something that stands out from our move with St. Modwen Homes has got to be the aftercare. Our site manager was absolutely incredible, and I know that other houses on the development have sung his praises too.

“We never had any major issues, just a few minor snags as you would naturally expect, but as soon as we mentioned it to St. Modwen Homes it was dealt with and sorted on the same day. It was just such a nice feeling to be so supported following our move – the best experience of moving to a new home, to date.”

Community feels

“The community feel at St. Modwen Homes is so important to us. We are still a growing development at the moment, but it will be great once all houses are completed and filled. We have a Facebook group that we all frequently chat in. We welcome each other to the group and to the community, and it’s a great place for people to share their questions and get answers.

“This community aspect was something that really stood out to us at St. Modwen Homes. It’s a lovely feeling knowing your neighbours have your back and I’m so excited for what’s to come. I can’t wait to take my girls trick or treating next year, and it will be amazing in the summer seeing all the kids playing out.”

Would definitely recommend

“I couldn’t recommend St. Modwen Homes enough – whenever I have spoken about our new home to someone, I have spoken so highly of them. I know people sometimes have their reservations about new builds but we have had such a positive experience. The process with St. Modwen Homes was seamless from start to finish, the aftercare was particularly efficient, and the finish and standard of our home is unbelievably exceptional – we couldn’t be happier with our first home.”

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