Carl and Emily – Egstow Park

Following the exciting discovery that their first baby was on the way, Carl and his fiancé Emily decided it was time to find their forever family home. Whilst living in their previous property, they knew they wanted to upsize to a larger space built with family in mind, and so they began their search. However, with life busier than ever, a baby on the way and a wedding to plan – Carl and Emily decided a new-build home was the right choice for them.

The couple instantly felt a connection to the stunning St. Modwen Homes Egstow Park development after visiting friends there. And just like that, they knew they had found the place to raise their family.

Carl and Emily reveal all…

The right choice

“After visiting friends who already lived in Egstow Park, we loved the family-friendly feel that could be felt instantly as soon as you arrived at the development. We visited our friends a few times and enjoyed some lovely days BBQ-ing in their garden, so we already had a feeling this could be the right choice for us. They would often sing St. Modwen Homes’ praises, about how lovely the development was and how well looked-after they were during the buying process – so it seemed like the obvious decision for us to find out more.

“After living in our previous home for 15 months, and finding out we were expecting our now four-month-old daughter Isabella, we decided it was time for us to find our dream family home, so we officially kicked off our search.

“I (Carl) had just recently started a new job working as a business development manager on behalf of a law firm, and wanted to be more ideally located for the commute. Emily had also started as a customer service advisor within the past 12 months, and we felt it was time for the next step of our lives.

“After viewing the Egstow Park development as prospective homebuyers, we were sure we had found the place for us. Located closer to Carl’s work, with family spaces and affordable prices, it was like a dream come true!

“We viewed the 4-bed Paris home and knew right away it would be the perfect fit for us. We reserved it in March and moved into the property in June, so the process was very quick and seamless.”

Our dream home

When asked what they loved about their new home, Carl and Emily struggled to narrow it down to just one answer, saying:

“We love the family feel of the property, and since both bedrooms on the top floor are equal in size, we are happy knowing if we expand our family there won’t be any arguments over who gets the big room. It’s small details like this that really made the difference for us, and made it feel like the perfect place to raise our growing family.

“When viewing the Paris, it stood out for many reasons, but mainly because of its stylish and functional design. We loved the fact that the top floor had been utilitised, and were thrilled with the spacious feel this layout provided.

“As soon as we stepped in, we loved the warm and comforting feel that it had. The property offers four nicely-sized bedrooms with an additional study room – we absolutely loved this honesty from St. Modwen Homes that they didn’t try to sell it to us as a 5-bed. It is so lovely that our daughter Isabella now has her own proper nursery space to enjoy.

Making our house a home

“We found that the homes by St. Modwen Homes have been designed to be adaptable and suitable for any changes we want to make – maximising the plot and designing the house for actual use. We were extremely impressed with their approach to practical, long-term design solutions, and this is definitely something that stood out to us, as we knew we would be able to design and change the house in the future if we wanted a different style.

“By the time we reserved our home, we didn’t opt to add any extras, however, our home already had an incredibly modern and stylish interior that would suit basically anyone, meaning our home was easily adaptable to suit our style. We especially love our six-ring hob, French doors to the master bedroom, and the beautiful entrance space to the property, which includes a private pathway.

“Overall, we found everything on the property was as we wanted, since moving in we haven’t made any changes to the main rooms, as it was the perfect family home for us! It was such a nice experience being able to move into a home that was ready for us to settle into straight away – it made the whole process that much easier.”

The buying process was excellent

“Something that stands out from our move with St. Modwen Homes has got to be the friendly and helpful sales team. They ensured everything within our home was sorted before moving in, making the move stress-free. We were especially impressed by the team behind the sales desk, who made the whole process very personable and exciting for our small family. They even brought Isabella a present to welcome her to the new home! They really did go above and beyond to make us feel special.”

Community feels

“The community feel is a big asset to the Egstow Park development. We feel like we have our own little town right on our doorstep – Emily is able to go for a walk with Isabella to the shops and grab a Costa – it really is so lovely having everything we need just a short walk away.

“The community aspect was another major factor that really stood out to us on this development. What’s more, they have created some pleasant walks throughout the development meaning we can enjoy the outdoors, without having to leave our local area. The development feels safe and is the ideal location for us to start the next stage of our lives together.”

Would definitely recommend 

When asked which three words they would use to describe their buying experience with St. Modwen Homes, Carl and Emily answered:

“Efficient, welcoming, and enjoyable!”

“We couldn’t recommend St. Modwen Homes enough – every aspect of the move was seamless thanks to their hard-working team. The price points on the properties offered great value for money, and for the amazing quality you receive, it’s a no-brainer. Our friends who also live on the same development bought their first home here – it’s well sized, and the space is perfectly utilised, so we would definitely recommend it to first-time buyers who are looking for a home they won’t quickly outgrow.

“We love how modern the houses and development are! St. Modwen Homes has really gone the extra mile to ensure the development feels like home – everyone really does take pride in where we live!”

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