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We recently commissioned a nationwide survey to understand what modern Brits really look for in a new home. With property prices rising and generational expectations higher than ever, this research revealed the most important ‘must-have’ features that individuals aged 35 and under are searching for in their dream home. Check out the results below:

When it comes to buying a home, are there certain features that are essential to you?
Yes – definitely81.9%
Yes – maybe16.8%
Do you think your expectations for your first home are/were higher than those of previous generations?
Yes – definitely57.7%
Yes – maybe31.0%
Which of the following features are, or would be, important to you when buying a home?
Garden firepit10.7%
Spa style bathroom13.6%
Kitchen island25.5%
An electric vehicle charging point12.9%
Smart kitchen appliances throughout17.2%
Nearby farmer’s market8.2%
Nearby Deli6.1%
Smart heating25.9%
Nearby to a park or large green space28.7%
An open plan living space25.3%
Space for a home office30.6%
Alfresco gardening dining area11.1%
Smart security cameras and doorbells18.8%
Garden big enough for a vegetable patch or greenhouse23.0%
Garden pod or summer house12.5%
Stained glass windows9.1%
Walk in shower27.7%
A porch23.8%
A large hallway27.7%
Patterned tiled floors10.4%
Granite worktops12.4%
Walk-in wardrobes21.0%
Farrow and Ball walls6.0%
Plug sockets with USB ports23.4%
Outdoor kitchen9.4%
Within an “Instagrammable” or picturesque area10.9%
Near traditional amenities like a butcher’s, retail shops, greengrocer’s etc18.1%
Luxury vinyl flooring11.4%
Solid oak interior doors11.0%
Spotlights and downlights17.1%
Bi-fold doors12.7%
Hidden storage28.1%
Floor to ceiling windows11.3%
Chrome radiators9.0%
Full height bathroom tiling15.8%
Hardwood flooring19.7%
None of the above2.2%
Which of the following features are outdated or no longer necessary when buying a new home?
Being near a good school18.8%
Low crime rate20.3%
Being near a supermarket23.6%
A conservatory33.8%
A garden shed for storage23.2%
A dining room20.2%
Magnolia painted walls41.2%
A bath/shower which requires a curtain35.6%
A bedroom on the ground floor28.8%
Off-road parking15.2%
Wooden kitchens27.5%
Carpet in the bathroom41.5%
Mosaic tiling in the kitchen28.5%
Fluorescent or white lighting21.9%
A garden water feature23.4%
Being close to work15.1%
An aga in the kitchen21.9%
None of the above4.2%

Would you be put off buying a property which needed to have lots of work done?
Yes – definitely39.4%
Yes – maybe40.6%
Which of the following local amenities would you like to have near your home?
Good schools / nurseries42.4%
A good pub35.0%
A greengrocer’s17.4%
A butcher18.2%
An artisan bakery16.6%
A nearby gym or fitness studio24.6%
A spa13.2%
An independent bookstore11.5%
A farmer’s market15.6%
A boutique hotel8.4%
A farm shop17.1%
A yoga studio8.8%
A wine shop11.1%
Good local restaurants36.1%
Local bars20.7%
Retail shops34.9%
Train station31.2%
Local Takeaway40.8%
Easy for commuting (for work)39.5%
Close by city25.2%
Being close to family/friends40.6%
Being within an “Instagrammable” or photogenic area12.5%
None of the above2.2%
Is it important to you to buy a home which feels stylish from the moment you move in? (if you already own property, imagine that you don’t for this question)
Yes – definitely41.4%
Yes – maybe37.5%
How long does it take you to fall in love with a new property?
I love it instantly, as soon as I see it from the outside21.1%
I like it as soon as I walk through the door41.0%
When I’m halfway through viewing it17.6%
After I’ve see everything16.5%
After I’ve moved in3.8%
Do you agree that we are a nation of house-proud Brits?
Yes – completely agree39.5%
Yes – somewhat agree54.5%
No – completely disagree6.0%
However, do you think younger people are more house-proud than previous generations?
Yes – definitely43.5%
Yes – maybe38.4%
Is it becoming more difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to buying a property?
Yes – definitely50.7%
Yes – maybe39.2%
If yes, why is this?
Property prices are continuing to rise48.6%
Good properties get snapped up quickly because the market is more competitive than ever45.5%
People’s expectations are higher these days35.5%
People want everything on their “must have” list to be ticked off33.5%
When it comes to the internal design of a house, I can be very particular23.5%
None of the above1.3%
Would you like to buy a home that can be personalised before you move in – i.e. one that’s been modified to suit your individual preferences?
Yes – definitely44.1%
Yes – maybe44.2%
If yes, why is this ?
I don’t have the time to update a house myself24.7%
It would make the decision to buy a property much easier45.2%
Hopefully it would end up being more affordable35.1%
I wouldn’t know where to start or who to book to make improvements26.0%
None of the above2.6%
Do you worry that you may never find your dream property?
Yes – definitely34.9%
Yes – maybe34.2%

The research of 1,500 UK homeowners aged 18 to 35 was conducted by Perspectus Global on behalf of St. Modwen Homes in October 2021.

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