The launch of our NEW generation

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Have you been dreaming about moving home?

You’ve already checked your local estate agents and the online portals, but your contemporary ‘dream home’ isn’t coming up on the resale market, and the thought of a modernising a doer-upper is leaving you feeling totally out of your depth?

Or maybe a new home isn’t out of the question, but they’re not quite ‘you’?

We get it. We really do. A new home isn’t for everyone, but we think they can be.

So, we’ve made something new. Something different. We already make contemporary, thought-provoking homes, where design meets quality, and while we think they’re perfect we know that there are homebuyers out there, like you, who are looking for something that defies the norm.

We call it PURE.

PURE is a new range at St. Modwen Homes. We’ve taken and dialled up the most contemporary bits from our standard CORE range, and paired back some of the bolder exterior and interior details, to make something sleeker and more streamlined than anything we’ve built before.

On the outside, you’ll still get iconic architectural features. We’ve added protruding brick details, contemporary decorative patterns on the eaves and gable ends, and while you’ll still benefit from our iconic tall windows, we’ve made them more asymmetric than ever.

And it’s all change on the inside too. Interior fixtures are more straightforward than those in our CORE range with simple skirtings and square edge architraves, and we’ve fully embraced open-plan floorplans in every housetype. We’d say PURE homes are unfussy. They offer a blank canvas, so if you’re looking to make a mark on your new home they can be personalised from the moment you move in.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings, kitchen choices, internal doors and balustrades are all a little different to what you’re used to seeing in a St. Modwen home, and we’ve even changed the way we name our homes.

So how will you know the difference from a PURE and CORE home? First off, when you visit a site, we’ll make it clear that the homes on offer are from our PURE range. If both CORE and PURE homes are available on the same site, our house names will differentiate the two ranges. CORE homes are named after Saints, while PURE homes are all inspired by precious and semi-precious jewels.

So maybe it’s time that you consider a new home and make your next move PURE.

PURE is now available to buy at Heathy Wood and Stillwater at Glan Llyn.

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