Benefits of creating energy-efficient communities

As a responsible housebuilder, it is our duty to ensure the communities we build are not just great places to live, but are also sustainable and kind to the environment too.

In 2020, we reduced waste on our building sites by 15% and have set a target to reduce waste by a further 15% over the next four years. We believe that by preserving the environment and making our homes as energy efficient as possible, everyone can benefit. Our homeowners can take comfort in our healthy modern homes, the local community can continue to admire beautiful green spaces and wildlife, and the planet benefits from our reduced carbon footprint.

We have completed various pieces of research to understand what our customers want and need from their dream home*. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of creating more eco-friendly homes, and why it is important.

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“By only using the most sustainable materials, construction methods and energy sources, we know we’re doing our best for our customers, as well as the environment.” – Stewart Court, Design Manager at St. Modwen Homes.

Energy-efficient savings

Our research suggests that 31% of homebuyers believe that use of the latest materials and methods are important reasons for choosing a new home. At St. Modwen Homes, all our homes come with energy-efficient features built-in as standard. This means that our homeowners are living more sustainably, and saving money on their bills from the moment they move in.

Our homes are well insulated and are twice as airtight as required by Building Regulations. Going above and beyond the standard requirements creates a home that requires less energy to heat and stays warmer for longer, so the cost of heating your home is greatly reduced. We also fit all our showers with water restriction devices and our bathrooms feature dual flush cisterns. This helps to reduce water wastage and increases water efficiency by up to 12%, helping to preserve this precious resource and saving you money too.

A selection of our new developments have also recently been fitted with solar panels and electric vehicle charging points, giving residents access to cheaper, cleaner energy.

A healthy home

When choosing a new home, 37% of home buyers believe that larger windows, which let in more light, are important and 26% want high ceilings to create a feeling of space and light. That’s why we build our homes with large windows and high ceilings because we know a bright and airy home has a whole range of benefits for its inhabitants. Plenty of natural light is not only a mood booster, it can also increase your levels of vitamin D and help to improve your sleep.

Air quality plays an important part in creating a healthy home environment, as poor quality air can lead to several health issues. Our superior insulation and airtightness standards help to keep drafts, excess moisture, and pollution out of your home, creating a fresh and cosy space for your family.

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A happy environment

By taking care of the environment surrounding our developments, the whole community can benefit. We are committed to enhancing the biodiversity of all of our schemes, helping to ensure native wildlife will always have a place to call home.

According to our research, 18% of homebuyers believe that wildlife habitats are important to provide contact with nature and promote wellbeing. At St. Modwen Homes, bee hotels and hedgehog highways are just a few of the ways that we are encouraging wildlife to thrive alongside our developments. We are also preserving the green spaces within our local communities by planting trees and helping with reforestation initiatives.

These measures are not only wonderful for the planet and our wildlife but are great for human health and happiness too. 29% of homebuyers agree that green areas are an important aspect when choosing a new home. Being out amongst nature can help you relax, ease stress, and encourage you to be more active. This is why we believe it is so important to ensure there are plenty of green space for our communities to enjoy.

If you have any questions or wish to find out more about the energy-efficient features of our homes, please speak to your local sales team. To find out where your closest development is, please Click Here

*Primary research was conducted by Rock Kitchen Harris on behalf of St. Modwen Homes in November 2020. We asked 505 UK adults who had i) purchased a property within the past 3 years, ii) actually have a house for sale or iii) expect to go into the property market in the next 2/3 years to complete an online quantitative survey.  Participants ranged in age from 19 to 65 years and were either sole or joint decision makers on major purchases within their household.

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