Top Tips To Avoid Costly Mistakes At Home This Winter

This winter, as temperatures drop across the UK, many of us will be wrapping up warm, kicking up the central heating or even reaching for the extra blankets and hot water bottles to stay toasty.

However, to help our homeowners avoid the issues associated with the very worst of winter weather, we’ve put together some top tips that will help to prevent costly issues around the home and garden.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than a cure, and so whilst some of these might seem like overkill, making small changes at the start of winter can help to avoid costly repairs and fixes should the worst happen!

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  1. Piping…cold
    Thawing frozen pipes could result in costly plumbing repairs that can be easily avoided with proper precautions. To help avoid expensive repairs, you should protect any outdoor taps by insulating them or shutting off their water supply completely before the arrival of freezing temperatures. A burst pipe isn’t a cheap or quick fix, with an average repair cost of £9,300, so this is a small tip which could save you a fortune in the long-run!

  2. Oh snow!
    We might think that snow piled on top of our roofs looks like a wintery dream. However, ignoring a buildup of snow could lead to leaks or even structural damage – which can be very expensive to fix. Keep an eye on your roof in the snowy weather, and if you notice the snow starting to build up, it’s time to clear this quickly so that you can avoid a repair bill that could set you back thousands.

  3. Don’t be draft
    A drafty house is never good, and overlooking drafts around windows and doors can cause significant heat loss, leading to higher energy bills and meaning that you’re wasting warmth. Draft-proofing your home could save you around £45 a year on your energy bills, so be on the look-out for cool currents in your home and seal these to help keep the warmth up and your costs down.

  4. Get your mind in the gutter
    Neglecting your gutter and leaving it filled with leaves, branches and debris can lead to ice dams, which can damage both your gutter and roof. Alongside being annoying, these pesky dams could end up costing you hundreds in repairs. So, keeping on top of your gutter cleaning through the colder months will ensure you’re able to avoid any detrimental maintenance bills.

  5. Keep it neat
    Trimming overhanging branches may be a job you’d prefer to avoid in winter. But when winter storms strike, these neglected branches can cause serious damage to either yours or your neighbours home which is always expensive to fix. So, it’s best to keep an eye on your trees and bushes and give them a trim if they’re encroaching on your property or vehicles.

  6. Furniture faux pas
    After splashing out on new outdoor furniture over the summer, the last thing you want to do is ruin your outdoor set up by not taking care of it properly. Failing to properly protect your outdoor furniture from the wind, ice and rain with the right covers can lead to irreversible damage. Make sure you store your furniture and accessories so that you’re not having to fork out on new versions this summer!

  7. Don’t leaf these out
    If you have outdoor plants, don’t forget to protect them from frost. Bring potted plants indoors or cover them with frost protection fleecing to shield them from freezing temperatures. You’ll thank yourself when the warmer weather returns!

So, there you have it. The top seven common mistakes many homeowners make during winter that can be easily avoided to help steer clear of costly repairs and replacements. To find out more about our energy-efficient properties that promise extra warmth and lower bills this winter, click here.

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