What are the benefits of buying a carbon-negative home?

Whenever you hear the term ‘carbon-negative’, it’s almost always a good thing.

In this day in age, being more aware of our carbon consumption is becoming increasingly important. So, how about a carbon-negative home which has been made to transform the way of everyday living? We take a look at the reasons why this is a great option for those looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are the benefits of buying a carbon-negative home? image

1. The cost of living goes down

It’s no secret that new-build homes are more energy-efficient than older homes, and our carbon-negative homes go the extra mile to reduce bills by around 76%* compared to a standard new-build house.

Fitted with state-of-the-art solar panels that generate electricity from sunlight, our carbon-negative homes are entirely self-sufficient as far as electricity is concerned.

The solar panels generate enough electricity to power all the equipment in the home, from the cooker through to the Christmas tree, meaning you’ll be drawing way less energy from the grid. At a time when the cost of living is on the rise, saving money on bills can be the difference between treating yourself

Our carbon-negative homes are also fitted with a smart, ultra-efficient Mixergy hot water tank that only uses the exact amount of water you require – saving you from pouring more money down the drain on unnecessary wasted water.

What are the benefits of buying a carbon-negative home? image

2. Sustainability considered from top to bottom

We’ve upgraded the heating system in our carbon-negative home, too. It’s fitted with a Daikin air-source heat pump, powered by 100% renewable energy.

This new technology makes for one of the most energy-efficient heating processes on the market, extracting heat from the outside air to warm the home. It’s far more efficient than the typical gas boiler and it eliminates the need for fossil fuels.

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3. The latest technology built-in

You might already be part of the electric car club or have dreams of joining one day. Either way, our carbon-negative home comes fitted with electric EV charging points for your eco-friendly automobile. So, if you haven’t switched yet, it will be easy to do so when the time is right.

We’ve also teamed up with Hive – a top-of-the-range smart home provider – giving you the option to add energy-saving smart technology, such as a thermostat and lights, throughout your home.

What are the benefits of buying a carbon-negative home? image

4. Air-tight build for maximum insulation

Our carbon-negative homes perform better on thermal insulation and airtightness as well. Improvements to the building fabric, insulation and ventilation mean our carbon-negative home is vastly better at retaining heat and is 10x more airtight** when compared with standard new builds.
Pair this with an ultra-efficient heat recovery ventilation unit and you need very little (if any) heating to keep the house warm and cosy all year round

What are the benefits of buying a carbon-negative home? image

While a carbon-negative home is certainly a smart choice for the eco-conscious home buyer, it’s not the only way to do good for the planet and save a pretty penny in the process.

All our new builds are built with sustainability and efficiency in mind, making for an ideal place for you and your family to call home for years to come.

Find out more about our carbon-negative home here.


*Based on regulated energy costs from the carbon-negative home in comparison to a St. Modwen three-bedroom standard specification home.

**The Heathy Wood carbon-negative homes have been designed to have a maximum air leakage of 0.6m3/m3/h. A standard new-build house would typically have an air leakage of 5 to 6 m3/m2/h, but it is permitted within current Building Regulations to have an air leakage of up to 10m3/m2/h.


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