Why a maisonette could be your ideal first home

Embarking on the exciting adventure of buying your first home means finding the perfect space to call your own. They come in all shapes and sizes, and for many, a maisonette could be a great option.

Maisonettes pair the appeal of apartment living with some welcome own-home comforts. Here are the many reasons why a maisonette could be the home for you.

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1. Buy for less

There are a lot of costs associated with buying a home, including your deposit. And if you’re a first-time buyer eager to step on the property ladder, the smaller the deposit the better.

As maisonettes are usually lower in price compared to larger homes, the deposit you’ll need to put down to secure your home will naturally be smaller than if you were to buy a larger property.

The maisonettes we currently have for sale at Meon Vale in Long Marston include The Selwyn, priced at £175,995*, and The Osyth, priced at £179,995*. If you were looking to put down a 10% deposit, this would mean you’d need just a £17,599 deposit to purchase The Selwyn, and just £17,999 to purchase The Osyth. Both homes provide everything you need in your first home, it’s just up to you which you prefer!

2. Easier to maintain

Whether you’re always on the go or just prefer putting your feet up over pushing the hoover around, living in a more modest space means fewer chores to take up your free time. For the same reason, general home maintenance is much more manageable too, meaning you can save on both time and money.

With less to maintain, you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

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3. Cheaper to run

A bright, open plan living space is at the heart of these maisonettes, and their savvy design ensures heat and light can flow throughout all the adjoining rooms.

Compared with larger homes, maisonettes are typically more affordable to run due to there being less rooms. And with less rooms to heat up, they can be a bonus for your energy bills too!

4. Your own patch of nature

An additional bonus to maisonettes is that some selected plots come with their own garden, so you have your own private sanctuary – great if you have pets, or if you enjoy gardening or relaxing in the sun!

5. Your own front entrance

Another thing that’s great about The Selwyn and The Osyth is they both have their own front door entrance which leads into the home. This is perfect for privacy, parcels, and a place to keep your shoes and coats.

Why a maisonette could be your ideal first home image

6. Made with purpose

Many maisonettes are purpose-built, with generous-sized rooms and storage solutions. They’re designed from the get-go with real living in mind, so you shouldn’t have to worry about adding too much to the space further down the line.

Our maisonettes

At St. Modwen Homes, all our homes including maisonettes are built with 4 key principles in mind: natural light, sustainability, flexible living and community.

Beyond the joy of stepping through the front door into your brand-new home, you’ll know it has been built with you in mind.

Get in touch today to begin your moving journey.


*Prices are correct at date of publishing (18/10/2022)

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