The benefits of three-story living

For today’s homebuyers, a three-story home is an increasingly popular choice. It offers a plethora of benefits including flexibility, more space and additional freedom to create a home that is tailored to you.

Fits your lifestyle

A three-storey home is the ideal solution for modern families that are looking for flexibility in their living space. Whether you’re now working from home, want to create a nursery or are considering a hideaway space for your teenagers, the unique layout is able to accommodate your changing needs. This is a home that will grow with you over the years and is better equipped to adapt to lifestyle changes.

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The split-level design of a three-storey home means you can separate the main living area from the bedrooms. This is perfect for young families who love to entertain, as they can host guests downstairs while the kids play or sleep upstairs. It’s also great for shift workers, such as those in the healthcare profession, who want to come home after a long day and sleep undisturbed.

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Affordability and sustainability

Homes over three floors also offer incredible value for money. Not only do you get an extra floor but they are considered to be more energy efficient. This is because the shared walls make the homes more economical to heat, which helps keep energy bills in check whilst also saving the planet! Win win.

The benefits of three-story living image

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