Knock Knock: Your neighbours biggest icks are at the door

St. Modwen Homes’ poll reveals 65% get peeved off when a neighbour’s guests take up all the parking.

Knock Knock: Your neighbours biggest icks are at the door image

Having neighbours has long been proven to have big benefits for our mental and physical health1. But every so often, a neighbour will do something that really makes us cringe.

In a bid to uncover our biggest pet peeves, St. Modwen Homes took to its social media to ask homeowners which neighbour behaviour is most likely to give them the dreaded ‘ick’.

Of the 339 people polled across the housing developer’s social platforms (Instagram and LinkedIn), nearly two thirds (65 percent) said their biggest ick by far is when a neighbour’s guests take up all the parking spaces.

A fifth (18 percent) get the ick when neighbours don’t maintain their front lawn, almost a tenth (8 percent) find it irritating when neighbours leave parcels at their house, and 9 percent turn their nose up when a neighbour doesn’t put their bins out.

Worried that you could be the one giving your neighbour the ick? St. Modwen Homes has some advice.

Jo Winston, Sales & Marketing Director, says: “We all have our dos and don’ts when it comes to having neighbours, but our poll showed that a lot of us share some common pet peeves.

“Whether it’s unclaimed bins or a street filled with cars that drives us round the bend, we’ve all got something that makes us tick, and it’s important to remember that everyone prefers different things. Being mindful of these differences helps us build towards a happier and more positive neighbourhood – whether that’s within a new home development or somewhere you’ve lived for years.”

St. Modwen Homes delivers award-winning, quality new homes and sustainable communities across the UK.

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