Five top tips to help you settle into your new home

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting experiences in your adult life. It’s a whole new chapter that involves a never-ending mountain of stuff to do before you’re finally settled in, but it’s all worth it in the long run.

To make your move as smooth as possible, here are a few tips (from move-in day onwards) to help make the process a little less hectic.

Five top tips to help you settle into your new home image

1. Make a plan the night before you move

No matter how prepared you think you are for move-in day, something always crops up. Take some time the night before to make a quick list for the day itself.

Have you switched the heating timer off? Did you give your neighbour his spare key back? Writing a list the night before will ensure you’re better prepared for the big day ahead.

Five top tips to help you settle into your new home image

2. Pack your essentials

Make sure to keep a personal bag or box of essential items that you’ll need throughout move-in day and ensure its within easy reach in your car or the removals van.

Fill your box with essential items like:

• Medication
• Toiletries and cosmetics
• Towels
• Loo roll
• Pillows and bedding
• Pyjamas
• Phone chargers
• A change of clothes
• Teabags/coffee/cutlery/mugs/travel kettle
• Your book, a magazine, laptop or iPad
• Any keys you may need

Five top tips to help you settle into your new home image

3. Plan ahead for your first night

You’ll probably be too tired to start unpacking or setting up your furniture at the end of move-in day. So, just focus on what you’ll need for the first few nights.

Do you have blow-up mattresses and sleeping bags? Have you got something to sit on until your sofa arrives? How about packing extra bedsheets to create make-shift curtains?

Don’t stress about cooking – pizza has never tasted better than when it’s eaten in your new home, surrounded by dozens of unpacked boxes.

Five top tips to help you settle into your new home image

4. Focus on what you actually need

The moving process can be really overwhelming. You want to stamp your style on your new place to really call it home, but where do you start?

Here’s what our interior design partners, Lifestyle Interiors have to say:

“Don’t buy everything all at once; start with staple pieces for each room. The kind of stuff you use every day like your bed, dining table and sofa. Invest in the best possible pieces you can afford as you want something that will last for years to come.”

As our interior designers have highlighted above, settling into your home isn’t a process that should be rushed. Taking your time with each room will ensure long term, you’re happy with what you’ve created, really making your new home, feel like home.

Five top tips to help you settle into your new home image

5.  Trust the process

If you’re not sure what mood you’re after in each room, Lifestyle Interiors recommend designing your interiors one room at a time. Magazines are great but creating Pinterest boards for each room can help you curate your aesthetic and work within your style.

And remember…

Feeling fully settled into your new home won’t come overnight. When it comes to move-in day, make sure you’re ahead of the game and come fully prepared with your list, essential kit, and your overnight gear. After that, don’t beat yourself up thinking you have to get your house ‘perfect’ straight away. Everything will come together piece by piece, room by room, and in no time at all, it’ll feel like yours.

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