Seven reasons to buy a new build home

We’re here to celebrate New Homes Week, seven days dedicated to shining a light on new builds. From their benefits to their beauty, the multiple ways of buying to stress-free ways of moving – and everything in between. Below, we’ve highlighted our top seven reasons why your first (or next) home should be a new build.

The benefits of new builds

A new build is exactly that ­– brand new! That means you can tailor it, tweak it, have fun with it and add personal touches to make it your dream home. The moment you walk through the door, those freshly painted walls and perfectly polished worktops are just waiting for you to make it yours.

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Sustainable from start to finish

The most important home for all of us is the planet we live on. That’s why rules and regulations have been put in place for new builds to make sure they’re sustainable. At St. Modwen Homes, we go further than these regulations. From insulated walls to lots of natural light, our houses are built to be as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible.

New spaces for today

We demand so much more from our homes than we did just a couple of decades ago. Rooms which used to serve one purpose now need to be multi-functional. Living rooms double up as yoga classrooms, bedrooms turn into offices, and sometimes a space will be needed for cooking, eating, working and homework for the kids – all at the same time.

Whether you want your home to be open plan or dotted with quiet, private spots – the choice is yours. All our new build properties are designed and built with modern living in mind.

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Easier ways to buy

One of the main stresses of buying a home is getting stuck in a chain. But with a new build that’s not a problem because there’s no previous owner. Also, when you reserve a new build, it comes straight off the market – so there’s no possibility of missing out on your dream home! And if you’re looking to make your way on the property ladder as a first-time buyer, government-backed schemes such as the Help to Buy Scheme make buying your first home easier than ever.

Local fun

New builds are rarely built on their own. They’re almost always created as part of a wider development. At St. Modwen Homes, we believe in bringing people together, sponsoring local organisations and connecting our developments with the local area. So when you buy one of our new build homes, you don’t just get a house, you also become a part of a community.

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There’s nothing like digging out the toolbox every now and then – but knowing that weekends of DIY are waiting for you the moment you move in can be pretty daunting. One of the joys of a new build is the simple pleasure of everything just working exactly the way it should.

You can sometimes even get involved at the design stage. So instead of big DIY jobs waiting down the line, you can add option and upgrades like walk-in wardrobes or bespoke kitchens as your house is being built.

Easy moving

With new builds, there are all sorts of handy schemes designed to take the stress out of the moving process. For instance, with our Assisted Move scheme, we help pay your estate agents fees – and with our £5,000 Deposit Boost we can cover part of your deposit to help you buy your dream home sooner than you think.

Just a couple of little ways we can help you make the most of one of life’s big moments!

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