Top interior design trends we’ll see in 2021

As we head into 2021, “out with the old, in with the new” has never been more relevant. Many of us are looking for new and fresh ideas, and as we’re all at home a lot more, our surroundings and how we have designed our spaces is more important than ever.

We spoke to Edward Thomas Interiors, the interior design specialists behind many of our showhomes, to find what trends will be popular in 2021 and how you can recreate that showhome style.

Andy Richardson, Managing Director at Edward Thomas Interiors, said: “There’s no doubt that the pandemic has forced us all to re-evaluate our homes; whether that’s undertaking small DIY tasks, adding extensions or making the decision to move. Our indoor and outdoor space must now work much harder, so what can we expect from 2021?”

1. Workstations and home offices

Our homes are now more than a sanctuary or place to relax, they’re a workplace, school, entertainment complex, and more. So home comforts adopt a new meaning, embracing properly designed and well-connected spaces to work or learn. Working from home is firmly established so we expect to see a lot more dedicated workstations, home offices, and studies.

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2. Bring the outside in

Another huge trend follows nature and the outdoors. People’s outdoor space – gardens, balconies, roof terraces – has become paramount and we’re already imagining new ways to bring the outside in. Consider using indoor plants, dried flowers, or even fake bouquets to bring some greenery into your home; think about transforming a utility room into additional garden storage or indoor greenhouse, or simply dress windows and French doors with light fabrics to maximise daylight.

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3. Neutral and sustainable colours

The neutral, sustainable theme is also reflected in the colours and materials that will be popular this year. Ecru, forest green, rust, coral and clay will all be widely used, even the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2021 is a beige, digestive biscuit colour! Materials we expect to see more of include bamboo, wicker, cane and rattan, and the trend for upcycling furniture looks set to continue too.

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4. Statement pieces

When thinking about decorating your new home, be bold, take inspiration from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest but don’t be afraid of your own style. Statement table lamps, floor lights, artwork, and mirrors can really transform a home, and larger properties can certainly handle big pieces of furniture.

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5. Accessories and layers

If you want to try new colours, especially bright ones, experiment first with accessories and layering before progressing to feature walls, half-height wallpapering or painting. Use your imagination too – for instance, painting ceilings is a great way to add creativity. Lastly, don’t forget personal touches – photos, souvenirs, trinkets all tell a story.

Top interior design trends we’ll see in 2021 image
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