The top five budget-friendly influencer interior trends you need in your home this Autumn

In an age where 85% of men and 86% of women use social media to inform purchasing decisions , it is no wonder that the humble influencer has become a huge part of our interior inspiration when it comes to shaping and decorating our homes.

So, with social stars informing our interior decisions, what exactly are they implementing ready for autumn, and what should we be applying to our own homes?

To lend a helping hand, we’ve exclusively revealed what’s set to be trending this autumn – including unexpected returns that Instagram influencers can’t get enough of!

Orange paint

If you’re thinking of freshening up a room with a lick of paint, Harissa orange is the hue to incorporate into your home ready for autumn. This classy dark orange with fiery red undertones fits perfectly in any space, and with Google searches for the colour up by 1,150% in the last 30 days – the nation is going crazy for this trending tone. This uplift in demand is hardly surprising when you take a look at the beautiful homes of influencer and best-selling author Justina Blakeney – blending gorgeous oranges with natural materials such as rattan and wood, and organic neutral tones.

For a cosy autumnal look, pair your harissa colour scheme with other warm neutrals, such as creamy beige and olive green. Or, for something more vibrant and modern, layer with lime greens and quirky prints.

Added tip: For the ultimate orange, Wickes is a budget friendly alternative. Use it to paint an entire room or add a splash of colour to furniture legs and cupboard doors.

Wall panelling

Wall panelling was among one of the most popular interior trends last year and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2023, with Google searches for panelling kits up by 100% in the last 30 days. Fashionable in the 50s, 60s and 70s, wall panelling has made a comeback and is no doubt here to stay, with celebs and influencers like Olivia Bowen creating innovative and elegant designs in their homes.

Wall and stair panelling not only adds character and texture but creates period charm to an otherwise plain room or hallway. And while it might sound like a big project, wall panelling is actually quite affordable and relatively easy to install thanks to easy-to-use kits.

Added tip: Do it yourself with B&Q’s wall panelling kits for under £20.

The top five budget-friendly influencer interior trends you need in your home this Autumn image

Self-adhesive wallpaper and tiles

For those on a budget, self-adhesive wallpaper and tiles are a quick and cost-effective way to implement pops of colour and pattern to your walls. Available in a huge array of sizes, designs and colours, self-adhesive tiles give kitchens and bathrooms an affordable makeover. And because they’re usually waterproof, they can be simply wiped clean with a damp cloth.

In the last 30 days, Google searches for self-adhesive wallpaper have risen by 90% and it’s not hard to see why. Self-adhesive wallpaper is great for kids’ bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms. It’s easy to install but when your kids have outgrown the colour scheme or theme, it can just as easily be removed without damaging the walls or leaving any residue. Check out this adorable nursery reveal video shared by Hollyoaks actress, Jessica Fox, complete with a sleepy moon wall lamp and accompanying bear wall decal.

Added tip: Dunelm has one of the biggest and most affordable ranges of self-adhesive wallpapers, tiles and flooring starting from just £18.

Modern organic interiors

According to celeb designer, Lisa Holt, ‘modern organic’ is a cool blend of minimalist and contemporary designs with thrifted and sustainable elements. Featuring clean lines, natural wood, organic materials, and neutral colours, it’s perfect for those who love the modern look but want a warmer aesthetic this AW23.

The great thing is you don’t need to give a room a full makeover to achieve the modern organic look, as shown by design writers, Hannah Trickett and Katy Orme. Beige oversized lampshades, sculptural lighting, neutral cushions, cosy throws, and woven rugs are all inexpensive ways to nod to the trend. While natural wood, rattan and leather furniture add textural interest. Oh, and it’s a great excuse to go shopping for some more house plants.

Added tip: For modern organic accessories at high street prices, head to H&M Home or Zara Home.

The top five budget-friendly influencer interior trends you need in your home this Autumn image

Go bold or go home

From one extreme to the other, 2023 is the year of maximalism, with Google searches for ‘maximalist décor’ up by 80% in the last 30 days. Packed with colour and contrasting designs, the trend is all about making bolder choices and exploring different patterns and textures to represent your personality and individual quirks.

Fashion and lifestyle influencer sisters Megan and Faye Ellaby, along with their friend Amy Bell, are big fans of the eclectic and playful trend. Think bold colours like magenta, bright green and orange combined with impactful patterns, statement furniture and accessories.

Added tip: You’re sure to find something bold and unique at Rockett St George.

…And just like that, you’ll have the home of your dreams without having to break the bank – depending on how carried away you get!

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