Six winter interior design trends for your home

As the seasons change, so do interior design trends and during the darker winter months, it becomes more important to create that cosy-home feeling. Let’s be honest, when the sun goes down in the middle of the afternoon, staying in is much more inviting than going out – so we see a lot more of our home than we do in summer!

With that in mind, we spoke to our interior design partners, Lifestyle Interiors, to bring you six winter interior design trends.

1. Warming colours

A fresh lick of paint is always a great way of changing the feel of any room. For a winter win, opt for warm colours. Orange, golden yellow, earthy brown. These kinds of colours will really ‘cosy up’ your home.

This is probably easiest for people moving into a new home but it’s still possible for everyone. If you don’t want to commit to a complete re-paint, an easier alternative is cushions and throws. They can add the warm colours you want, without too much fuss.

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2. Get personal

Minimalism has had its moment. This winter it’s all about getting personal. In the same way we express ourselves through our clothes, hair and mannerisms, the same can be done with our homes. Whether it’s loud colours, unusual textures or hanging a guitar on the wall, it’s time to move towards self-expression. So, why not add some character?

“For years we have seen the interior scene saturated with beige colours and minimalist living spaces, but now we are seeing interior lovers creating homes that are a statement of their personality” –  Lifestyle Interiors

3. Welcome in the outside

This winter we are placing importance on bringing the outside in. Wooden tables and trays can add cosiness to any room. Rattan, cane, canvas: all these natural materials are becoming popular interior design trends, especially at this time of year. And the addition of small plants – and even seasonal pinecones – can lift even the greyest winter mood.

“Rattan continues to be a big player, but we are now seeing cane and canvas making a big appearance, along with warm wooden tones and cool marbles.” –  Lifestyle Interiors

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4. Don’t forget patterns

Bold patterns can make your home feel both comforting and optimistic. Introducing them might feel daunting but it’s easy to do and can make your space feel brighter. Try pairing geometric wallpaper, a striped rug or accent pillows with crisp white walls to highlight patterns. Start simple and dial it up.

“We will be seeing an injection of print and pattern into our homes after what feels like an eternity of simple, yet admittedly elegant, minimalism.” – Lifestyle Interiors


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5. Smells like home

Adding subtle scents throughout the house can change the ambience of rooms, giving them all their own individual personalities. Lavender in the bedroom, jasmine in the living room, rosemary in the kitchen. A few idea starters!

Candles come in all sorts of amazing scents, while there’s always something about an open flame that lightens moods, as well as rooms, in a comforting and warming way.

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6. Look up!

Ceilings are known by interior designers as the “fifth wall” and they’re being used more and more to add ambience to a room.

Moving away from your typical white ceiling is obviously a bold move, but getting it right is very rewarding. For winter, warm colours can help you feel nicely cocooned whilst lighter colours are better for adding height.

Are you feeling more creative? You’ll find lots more interior design tips on our Inspiration Hub.

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