Seven interior trends to look out for in 2022

Whether you’re sitting comfortably in a home or looking to purchase your first or next home, it comes as no surprise to see searches on Google at an all-time high surrounding ‘home décor inspiration’.

We take a look into the most searched for interior trends, revealing exactly what homeowners are looking for during the next 12 months – plus a variety of new build perks to help you unleash your creative flair, if opting for a new home. So, which top trends should you be tapping into in 2022?

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Multifunctional, flexible spaces

We’ve all spent a lot of time indoors over the last 18 months, so it’s no surprise our homes are having to work hard to accommodate every aspect of our lives! Open plan living spaces will remain popular in 2022 and they’ll have to be designed to be adaptable. Kitchens are no longer just for cooking – they’re places for the kids to do homework, parents to work, and often they need a seating area for relaxing or watching TV.

Maximising Glass

Natural light has become hugely important to most homeowners as it can significantly improve our overall health and wellbeing. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that 2021 saw a continued rise in the demand for features such as bi-fold doors – with monthly searches soaring at over 90k a month – something that will continue to be hot on trend in 2022.

Here at St. Modwen Homes, we are renowned for building homes with large windows, high ceilings, and open plan living spaces that draw in natural light all throughout the day. These striking features – that can be found in every home built – give a spacious feel to your humble abode and bring you that one step closer to nature (without having to step foot outside!).

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Personalisation was all the rage in 2021 and it’s certainly looking like it’s here to stay this year with 18.1k monthly searches. For those that like to add their own individual stamp to their home, new build properties create the perfect blank canvas to let your personality shine through. That’s why we offer a wide range of options and upgrades to help you personalise your space and differentiate your home from your next-door neighbours.

A nod to nature

It’s all about those natural colours in your home, the ones that help you bring the outside in – inspired by the great outdoors. Sage greens, beiges, and greys are all on the cards for 2022 with a combined monthly search volume of nearly 200k. You already know how great they’d look on your walls.

Expanding storage solutions

Clever, disguised, and hidden storage is on the agenda for 2022 – as the search for storage solutions continues with 5.4k monthly searches. We’re talking sliding doors, cover book shelving, and rows and rows of shoes, not forgetting discreet laundry room storage and built-in cupboards. Hidden is the magic word here!

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Increased automation and smart appliances

It’s all about saving time, energy, money – and of course the planet. Savvy homeowners know that smart appliances may be an investment but over time they pay for themselves, and energy bills will therefore be lower. But don’t take our word for it, the proof is in the pudding, with 18.1k monthly searches surrounding home upgrades/extras – this is a trend here to stay in 2022.

We’re extremely passionate about sustainability and leaving a positive mark on the planet. That’s why we are continually looking for ways to boost biodiversity at our developments and offering a range of environmentally friendly extras to our homes, such as solar panels and electric car charging points.

Year-round outdoor living

After spending a large amount of 2021 (and the rest) in our homes, many homeowners are looking to invest in their outdoor spaces in 2022 with the trend seeing over 8k monthly searches currently (and it’s not even peak sunshine season!) – creating a sanctuary that be enjoyed as an extension of their home.

But did you know, when opting for a new build home with us, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade your garden space with features such as a luxury garden pod. This creates the perfect home-office, place for entertaining guests, or little haven to get away from day-to-day life.

Seven interior trends to look out for in 2022 image

Jo Winston, Sales Director at St. Modwen Homes says:

“The trends for 2022 highlight the importance of how our homes look and feel to us and is something more prevalent following the past couple of years. Many homeowners are looking for ways to get the most out of their homes – whether it be through bringing the outside in or creating multi-functional rooms. It’s clear that the way we view our living spaces has changed.

“We offer a range of options and upgrades products that allow customers to create their dream home – adding their very own personal touch. Each new build is like a blank canvas just waiting for each family, couple, or individual to move in and make it their own.”

“By working with and listening to our partners and renowned industry style experts we are able to ensure that our products are relevant and remain on trend.”

“From the range of colours offered for our kitchen cabinetry, to the selection of finishes for bathrooms and flooring – we are confident St. Modwen Homes can provide homebuyers with the choice and range of features they need to truly make their home their own.”

For further information on our new build perks, including our options and upgrades products, visit here.
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