Interior design tips for first-time buyers

Buying your first home is an exciting time. There’s so much to look forward to, especially when it comes to making your space your own through interior design. But when you’ve never designed a home before, where do you start? We spoke to award-winning design experts, Lifestyle Interiors, to help bring out your inner interior designer.

1.  Colour scheme

Colour can add a lot to a room but choosing the right one can be tricky. If you haven’t already planned ahead with your colour scheme, the team at Lifestyle Interiors recommend “going for neutral colours” as it “gives you the opportunity to change things around easily whilst you’re settling in.”

Painting the walls red might seem like a good idea at first, but who knows how you’ll feel a year down the line?

Even if brighter colours are more to your taste, Lifestyle Interiors add that “neutral palettes also present an opportunity for pops of colour or feature walls, which are popular right now”. This way you can still showcase your colourful side without overdoing it.

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2. Textures

Adding elements of texture helps give your rooms depth and really brings them to life. “Layer with different textures through textiles such as cushions, rugs, and curtains to create a cosy and homely feel”, say the experts at Lifestyle Interiors.

When done well, adding texture “is the most inexpensive way to make your house a home.”

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3. Taking time to design

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day – so take your time. Search the internet and social media for inspiration. Pinterest and Instagram are great for this. Lifestyle Interiors suggest taking “some time to get a feel for the place before you make any final decisions. Your interior design choices don’t have to be made overnight.” This is particularly important if you have a smaller space, like an apartment. You want to maximise and optimise every inch.

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4. Shop sustainable

Shopping sustainably can mean anything from recycled materials to second-hand items. It’s really a win-win because it’s positive for the planet and your budget. You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive second-hand furniture can be. Sometimes even free if you can collect.

Another big win is purchasing multi-functional items, like a bed with storage underneath or a bookshelf that doubles up as a desk. Lifestyle Interiors suggest seeking out “clever Ikea hacks that can be multi-functional.”

The best bit: there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s down to personal preference. Take your time – and have fun! And one final piece of inside knowledge from the team at Lifestyle Interiors… “you can shop for most interior trends in major high street retailers such as Dunelm or H&M Home.”

For more interior design tips and ideas, have a read of our seven easy ways to revamp your home on a budget.

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