Expert advice on styling your home working space

As lockdown 3 has forced us all back to home working, it’s so important that our spaces adapt to be suitable for both home and work life. By making your working space as comfortable and productive as possible, you’re sure to feel motivated all day long. But where do you start?

We spoke with Edward Thomas Interiors, the interior design experts behind many of our showhomes, to discover the top tips for styling your home office space.

Andy Richardson, Managing Director at Edward Thomas Interiors, said: “Whilst working from home never really went away, towards the end of 2020 we’d started to see a small migration back to the office and a new hybrid pattern emerge. The latest lockdown restrictions have reversed this and we’re all back to home working, home schooling and home entertaining.”

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Multifunctional spaces

When we style a showhome, we really try to emphasise how different spaces can be used as areas to work or learn. For homes that have a dedicated study or den, this might seem easy but now more than ever it needs to be demonstrably practical, not just aesthetic. So we use desktop computers, fitted shelving, files and full size desks.

In smaller properties where you might be working from a kitchen or bedroom, we’ve swapped dressing tables for half desks or console tables, included laptops on kitchen islands, added occasional tables next to sofas; all to incite the imagination. Children’s bedrooms can have learning stations too, highlighting how they can read or draw; in fact in one of the St Modwen Homes we added a Gruffalo mural to be playful!

Be creative and imaginative

When styling your own work space, be imaginative. Consider upcycling, we’ve seen old ladders re-purposed as freestanding shelves, window frames as chalk boards, wooden crates and palettes into storage – some really original and eye-catching designs that aren’t expensive to re-create. Also try to think of the areas that ordinarily might be overlooked – tops of stairs, landings, eaves – these ‘hidden’ spaces and quirky nooks often make a great workstation.

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Increase productivity through nature

Lastly don’t forget about bringing nature inside. One of the big interior trends for this year, add indoor plants, dried flowers and even fake bouquets – all helpful for boosting wellbeing and keeping you productive and positive!”

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