5 interior design trends to look out for this autumn

As seasons change, so do the colours of the outside world which makes it the perfect time to update and refresh our interiors too. Our amazing partners and award-winning showhome designers, Lifestyle Interiors, share their top 5 interior design trends they’ll be keeping an eye on this autumn. If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further.

1.  Curved furniture

Who says everything has to be rectangle and square? Opting for curved furniture can add a beautiful softness to any room. This could be as simple as a round coffee table, something more subtle like the patterns on your cushions or even a statement piece like a curved sofa.

By mirroring the lines of nature, curved furniture can create a sense of flow in a room, making it feel light and tranquil.

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2. Panelling and beading

Panelling is becoming increasingly popular because it’s such an easy way of adding warmth and character to any room. It’s a relatively straightforward process that simply involves using decorative beading to create frames on your walls. Panelling is an elegant quick-fix solution for walls that are a little worn, and our friends at Lifestyle Interiors have even panelled ceilings – an effect they say can “completely transform a room”.

On the topic of ceilings, if you’re after an even quicker win, try painting. Depending on what colour you opt for, it can be a great way of opening up a space or making it feel cosy.

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3. Natural elements

Although the season may be cooler in autumn, the colours become warmer. To mimic this in our homes, adding warm beiges, browns, blues, and greens creates a comforting, calm & cosy ambience.

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4.  Sustainability

Sustainable living is becoming the everyday norm and the good news is, being sustainable with interior design can have a positive impact on our homes as much as it does on the planet.

Other than buying second-hand furniture and making sure you use responsibly-sourced materials, you can also repurpose items. Take wooden crates for example, with a lick of paint these could be used as coffee tables or put on the walls as shelves.

If you’re buying new (whilst bearing the environment in mind), look out for furniture made from recycled materials like PET bottles or old wood fibres.

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5. Statement headboards

Let’s be honest, we all care about how our beds look as much as they feel. And why shouldn’t we? Coming home after a long day and seeing your bed is an amazing feeling (almost as good as getting into it!).

This autumn, it could be time to level up your bed and what better way than to have a statement headboard? From shape to size, material to colour, there are so many exciting ways to do it. Top trends include matching the colour of your headboard to your valance, contrasting a darker headboard with light sheets – and simply going extra tall. A headboard can be a piece of art after all!

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it! For more design inspiration, check out our interior styling tips for rooms of all shapes and sizes.

5 interior design trends to look out for this autumn image
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