The ultimate garden guide

Gardens give so much joy. They’re a place for children to run wild, a space to host friends and a sanctuary to unwind at the end of a long week. And when it comes to unleashing your creativity, the sky’s the limit.

Read on for inspiration from proud St. Modwen homeowners – and see how you can make your garden flourish in wonderful and unexcepted ways.

Sit back in style image
Sit back in style

For outdoor garden furniture, rattan is one of the best ways to go. Natural rattan is a bamboo-like material that grows in Africa, Asia and Australia but there is a lot of synthetic rattan on the market too. Both make for hardwearing, weatherproof and super stylish garden tables, sofas and chairs.

If you want to make your seated area really stand out, placing it on decking will separate it from the rest of the garden, enhancing the sense of space. You can also create other zones within your garden by using a colourful rug, paving stones or clusters of plants.

An atmosphere of its own image
An atmosphere of its own

For setting the mood, is there anything more magical than twinkling lights on a summer’s evening? From lightbulbs strung across a trellis, to tiki torches adding a fiery glow, the right lighting can transform your garden into a cosy hideaway.

Another way to make your space distinct is to play with form, explore different shapes and push the boundaries of garden design. Who says all the tiles and paving stones have to be identical? So what if you want a bright orange fence? There’s no rulebook here so ditch the regimented and get experimental in your garden!

Playing with space image
Playing with space

Adding different levels can really give your garden that extra dimension. Low or free-standing furniture is an excellent way to introduce height and a raised decked area can be a cosy little coffee nook. Or, if you want to keep it simple, cluster different sized potted plants and trees to add richness and depth.

You can also do some amazing things with mirrors. Hanging one on a garden wall or propping it up against a fence will instantly create the illusion of space. You can also use mirrors in flowerbeds to make your plants look more bountiful. (And did we mention that a mirror is gorgeously stylish too?!)

Plant (and pot) power image
Plant (and pot) power

Trellises, hanging baskets, hanging planters and living walls are a glorious way to bring your garden to life. And when you grow upward, you can really maximise your growing area. Then, at ground level, bring on the bees and butterflies by filling your borders with flamboyant, nectar-rich flowers. There’s something so satisfying about seeing wildlife thrive around you.

If you want to add a dash of spontaneity to your garden, find a home for potted plants and flowers of different shapes and sizes. Then just arrange (and rearrange) as you please.


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