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In the years to come, how we live will look a little different. Renewables will replace traditional fossil fuels, energy will be used more efficiently and sustainability will play a far bigger role in everyday life. At St. Modwen Homes, we’ve already begun building that future with carbon-negative homes that are truly revolutionary.

To give you a sense of what it would be like to live in one, we invited YouTubers, Roxi and Matt, to come and stay at our carbon-negative home for the weekend. Take a look at their video above for a glimpse at how carbon-negative homes can help change the world.

Carbon-negative homes: the benefits

Carbon-negative homes can change the way we live – reshaping what’s possible in terms of energy efficiency, drastically reducing energy bills and doing far less harm to the environment.

Construction that’s kinder on the planet

Building a standard home uses between 50 and 80 tonnes of CO21 . Which is why we make sure all our carbon-negative homes are built using low-carbon methods.

This includes working with sustainable timber frames, rather than engineered wood, and laying low-carbon concrete for the foundations. As a result, we’re able to use significantly less carbon from the start.

Sustainable living

Carbon-negative homes are built to produce more energy than they consume. Their design follows the Passivhaus Standard which includes using an airtight building fabric, as well as careful planning of the insulation and ventilation. The result is a home that is ten-times more airtight than industry standards2.

Improvements like this mean things like your heating system don’t need to work as hard to keep you comfortable. So in turn, you’ll use less carbon.

Lower energy bills, less CO2 emissions

Living in a carbon-negative home could reduce your energy bills by up to 76%3 in comparison to a standard new build. And by almost 80% in comparison to the average UK home4.

Better insulation and ventilation play a part in that – but so do new innovations. Our carbon-negative homes incorporate a wide range of eco-friendly features such as photovoltaic solar panels, an air-source heat pump and smart home technology.

This means your home could deliver a 125% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to current industry standards.

2The Heathy Wood carbon-negative homes have been designed to have a maximum air leakage of 0.6m3/m3/h. A standard new-build house would typically have an air leakage of 5 to 6 m3/m2/h, but it is permitted within current Building Regulations to have an air leakage of up to 10m3/m2/h.
3Based on regulated energy costs from the carbon-negative home in comparison to a St. Modwen three-bedroom standard specification home.
4Based on a St. Modwen Home three-bedroom Standard Specification home.

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