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Height and light

‘Height and light’ is our own shorthand that we use to talk about our approach to architecture and design. 

It’s pretty simple – living in an environment that feels spacious and full of natural light is better for your health and wellbeing, so that’s what we aim to create.

We have higher ceilings than most other housebuilders; that’s more house for your money!

Making sure to create happy spaces isn’t new to us, in fact the houses that we build at St. Modwen Homes already have higher ceilings than our new-build competitors, and we’re leading the way in engineering as much light as possible into our spaces too. You’d be surprised how much difference thoughtful window positioning makes in your home, and now that we’re all spending more time in our houses, the natural light we get makes more difference than ever. You’ll find yourself noticing how the sunlight passes through your home office over the course of the day – appreciating how the morning sun bursts into your master bedroom and dusky evening light sets a cosy atmosphere at your kitchen table for dinner.

Larger windows than most other housebuilders, with carefully considered positioning which means a boost for your health, wellbeing and happiness

Extra natural light isn’t just great news for you – your house plants will love it, and with less need for artificial lighting you’ll love the lower energy bills too. But it’s not only height and light that supports your wellbeing at home – it’s the flow of the whole space, the flexibility for it to adapt to you and your family, making sure there’s quiet spaces, sociable spaces and storage. Keeping ‘height and light’ in mind at all times keeps us focused on designing for real life – and creating the happiest spaces we can.