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Considerate design

At St. Modwen Homes we believe in considerate design.

This means appreciating the essence of what makes a home and what creates a thriving place and its community. It means being considerate to existing neighbours, existing communities and the surrounding natural environment.

It affects everything from how we build our houses, to our thinking on sustainability to community benefit. We understand the way people want to live and pride ourselves on being thoughtful in how we design every aspect of our homes and landscapes.

We’re not just designing for ‘a customer’. We’re designing for the people who will be living in our houses for years to come. Individuals and families with their own stories to tell, who will put their own stamp on their new home and contribute to an existing community and place.

Our understanding of how people want to live their lives is rooted in thoughtful and considerate design, whether we are creating new places or contributing to existing places.

We know that one of the first things you’ll look at when you’re buying a new home is the floor plan – so we’ve left that up to you

There is no better way to start planning where your furniture will go and how your family dynamic will fit into the space before you even move.

But how many times have you seen a home that doesn’t quite live up to your dream layout? Or you find the perfect home from the outside, but inside there is a wall that just has to go?

With ‘Choose your floorplan’, we offer you a selection of different living space arrangements so you can personalise your new home with your ideal layout*. So whether you’d prefer a more open-plan space that lets you keep an eye on the kids from the kitchen, or you need a more structured floorplan that suits working from home – we can adapt our homes for you.

Currently, you can ‘Choose a Floorplan’ with The Edwen/Edwena, The Barlow, The Garnet, The Mayne or The Almond. With all of these homes, we’ve developed two options. The standard layout will provide a more traditional layout with distinctive and separate spaces, while the second option is far more open-plan.